Thursday, 8 February 2007

Why online journalism skills are essential in the industry?

We live in an era where Media have been changing dramatically as the involvement of the technology has been crusial. Nowadays, the use of highly evolved technology assists to the information collecting and distributing of news all around the world.

New media is the term to describe this major evolvement. Throught the use of technology, media workers have the ability to take the traditional Media to the next level. Online journalism is a vital part of this "movement" as it not only combines all the previously needed skills in order to be journalist, but inhanses the proffesion by involving new elements and new abilities to the everyday work of a journalist.

It is clearly noticed lately that the more traditional Media companies have been struggling to compete with the new media. Since Media have been evolving on an online level, a new "genereation" of journalists will be emerging and will be absorbed by this new Media industry. That is one of the substantial incentives for a young journalist to develop online journalism skills.
Skills like, blog experience, online editing combined with the good old fashioned journalism are the key for a prosperous career in the new media industry.

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